MSD Animal Health can help your fish farming operation achieve sustainable performance with our uniquely effective range of vaccines. Choosing AQUAVAC®, the performance leader in fish health, gives you confidence and peace of mind today, and when any new threats emerge. This website contains information to help you meet your cold and warm water fish health challenges, offering unrivalled insight on all your fish protection needs.

Protection and Management

Disease and poor health are some of the major constraints for sustainable aquaculture growth. MSD Animal Health develops environmentally responsible products to maximize fish survival, growth and production efficiency for majored farmed species.

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Helping you understand potential threats

Understanding a disease and the underlying threats it poses, is very important. MSD Animal Health has wide ranging experience in this area that can assist you in the everyday care of your fish, bringing you peace of mind. Don’t let disease disrupt your production, implement a reliable vaccine plan today.

Identify, Control and Protect Now

Vaccinate with AQUAVAC® Strep Sa

AQUAVAC® Strep Sa is an injectable vaccine for tilapia that is indicated to reduce mortality and disease development due to Streptococcus caused by Streptococcus agalactiae biotype 2.

Protect and manage with AQUAVAC® Strep Sa
Vaccinate with AQUAVAC<sup>®</sup> Strep <em>Sa</em>

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