What is Biosecurity?

Biosecurity is a set of management procedures and processes that prevent or minimize the transmission of infectious diseases and pathogens.

It should be applied to reduce and control the overall pathogen load in the farming environment, ensuring better fish health overall.

"The FAO of the United Nations has adopted biosecurity as one of the organization’s 16 priority areas of interdisciplinary action in medium-term programs, aiming to promote, develop and enhance a common strategy of food, agriculture, fisheries and forestry policy and management framework."

What is Biosecurity?

Why is Biosecurity important?

Biosecurity can lead to numerous improvements in many kinds of fish farms.

Reducing morbidity and mortality rates, ensuring healthier animals and better control of disease are just a few. Improving biosecurity standards can help to manage threats more effectively in aquaculture.

From an economic standpoint, biosecurity can improve ROI, assist operational decision making, and maintain a sustainable environment.

Why is Biosecurity important?

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The AQUAVAC® Guide to Biosecurity explains how to implement best practice on your fish farm. To understand how to create a disease free environment through improved operating procedures, health regimes and staff training download your free copy now. You will learn:

  • How to design & engineer the perfect farm?
  • Which are the most appropriate health products to use?
  • What operating procedures should one implement and train staff on?
  • Why is it important to keep juveniles healthy?

AQUAVAC® Guide to Biosecurity

AQUAVAC<sup>®</sup> Guide to Biosecurity

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Protect your farm by implementing a vaccination plan, safe handling, and other biosecurity protocols.

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