MSD Animal Health offers products for multiple species and diseases. AQUAVAC® IridoV is for the active immunization of tilapia and Asian sea bass to reduce mortality due to Iridovirus.

What is AQUAVAC® IridoV?

AQUAVAC® IridoV, an oil-adjuvanted vaccine, is administered intraperitonealy as a single-injection dose to fish weighing no less than 5 grams. Fish susceptible to this disease include species such as Asian seabass, grouper, pompano and Japanese yellowtail. MSD Animal Health has demonstrated the onset of immunity against Iridovirus 10 days after vaccination at a water temperature of 27 degrees C. Studies have shown the vaccine's duration of immunity to be at least 15 weeks after a single injection dose.

Causative Agent: Iridovirus

Indications: IridoV is for the active immunization of susceptible fish species, like tilapia and Asian sea bass, to reduce mortality due to Iridovirus.

Administration: Prior to vaccination, food should be withheld for at least 1 day, tools should be sterile, and fish should be under anesthesia. Stress should be avoided before and after the vaccination. Shake the vaccine before injecting 0.05 ml into the intra-peritoneal cavity, halfway between the base and the tip of the pelvic fins.

Why use AQUAVAC® IridoV?

With AQUAVAC® IridoV, immunity against Iridovirus lasts for at least 15 weeks after vaccination. This means that greater numbers of healthier fish can be produced and sold, boosting productivity and maximizing returns.

  • Shelf life of 3 years
  • Zero day withdrawal period
  • Can be used in combination with other compatible oil based injection vaccines

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