MSD Animal Health offers products for multiple species and diseases. AQUAVAC® Strep Sa1 is for active immunization to protect against S. aglactiae serotype Ia & Serotype III infections in tilapia.

What is AQUAVAC® Strep Sa1?

AQUAVAC® Strep Sa1 is a bivalent oil-adjuvant vaccine that protects against both S. aglactiae serotype Ia & serotype III infections in tilapia. Used properly, this product should actively reduce mortalities and the spread of Streptococcosis

Causative Agent: Streptococcus agalactiae serotype Ia & Streptococcus agalactiae serotype III

Indications: AQUAVAC® Strep Sa1 is for the active immunization of tilapia to reduce mortality due to Streptococcosis caused by Streptococcus agalactiae Biotype I (serotype Ia and III).

Administration: Prior to vaccination, food should be withheld for at least one day, tools should be sterile, and fish should be under anesthesia. Stress should be avoided before and after the vaccination. Shake the vaccine before administering 0.05 ml into the intra-peritoneal cavity, halfway between the base and the tip of the pelvic fins.

Why use AQUAVAC® Strep Sa1?

With AQUAVAC® Strep Sa1, the duration of immunity against S. agalactiae serotype Ia & serotype III infections has been demonstrated to last at least 12 weeks after vaccination. This means that greater numbers of healthier fish can be produced and sold, boosting productivity and maximizing returns.

  • Feed conversion rate significantly improved in vaccinated fish under disease pressure
  • Zero day withdrawal period
  • Successfully tested and effective vaccine against streptococcal disease caused by S. agalactiae Biotype 1.

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Download the AQUAVAC® Product Detailer for more information on performance and quality of AQUAVAC® Strep Sa1. This whitepaper includes further material on species, target diseases and administration concerning this reliable vaccine.

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